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Ladner Sediment Group

The Ladner Sediment Group was founded in 2008 by John Roscoe and Michael Owen. The purpose of this group has and still is, to work with all levels of Government to preserve the secondary channels and ensure save navigation for both commercial and public vessels in the Ladner area. Each year, 20 million cubic meters of sediment flow down the Fraser River and out into the Salish Sea. However,  changes to the River Flow by the Federal Government in the 1990's has led to accumulations of silt in the secondary channels of New Westminster., Richmond, Delta and specifically Ladner, causing dangerous navigation concerns, boats running aground, including Ladner's Own Rescue Lifeboat. Sediment accumulated under marinas and floathomes, has and continues to cause property damage and risk personal injury. 


Ladner Sediment Group

Mission Statement

A group of concerned citizens have formed an ad hoc committee with the goal of maintaining and enhancing the quality of life of the citizens that live on and near the Fraser River in Ladner. The two principal concerns are the sedimentation of the river and the safety of the dike system. Our mission statement is:


The Ladner Sediment Group:

  • Is a vehicle for concerned citizens to meaningfully participate in the discussions and decisions that influence life on the Fraser River in the Ladner area;


  • Is dedicated to working towards the implementation of coordinated and ongoing dredging of the secondary channels of the Fraser River estuary near Ladner;


  • Is dedicated to working towards the goal of implementing a dike system that is safe in the face of climate change while maintaining access and enjoyment for all citizens of Ladner.

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