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Dear Premier David Eby

Businesses and residents that work and Live on the Secondary Channels of the Fraser River Estuaries are asking for your help.


The Channels in and around Ladner have become unsafe for Navigation due to sediment accumulation that is closing off the Channels. The Provincial Government has jurisdiction over the Channels through the Ministry of Forests, who collect Water Lots lease fees from Businesses, Marinas and Private Property Owners. These owners and businesses also pay property taxes, Provincial and Federal taxes. The Province, through the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure manage the maintenance of BC Highways to keep them safe.

Why are you not doing the same for the Channels?

Ladner and Richmond are at the end of the Fraser River, where 20 million tons of sediment flow through each year. When there is flooding, landslides and bridges washed out, where do you think that debris goes....down the Fraser River. Toxic run-off from Provincial Highways flow down the Fraser and accumulate in the sediment in the Fraser River Estuary.  

  accumulations of silt are filling in the secondary channels making navigation for commercial and private boaters treacherous. Each day boats go aground causing property damage and personal injury. Ladner's Lifeboat is unable to enter or leave the Harbour during low tide. The Floathome residents along the river are unable to enter or leave their homes during low tides with houses tipping up to 7 Degrees and causing foundation issues and the risk of sinking. Residents are finding it difficult to insure their homes as a result.              

All these issues can be resolved with:
1.) An annual dredging maintenance program for the secondary channels ($1.5 Million per year).

2.) Decriminalization of prop-washing, a method that water lease holders can use to remove silt buildup under their floathomes and boats


Letter to Premier David Eby
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